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Author Archives: ramsey

Author Archives: ramsey

Trespass and Punitive Damages: Landowners And Their Often Overlooked Rights

In a most recent Georgia Court of Appeals ruling involving land, the Court ruled that trespass is an intentional act that will authorize the award of attorneys’ fees and punitive damages against the wrongdoer. Although this ruling relied on established case law, it is a current reminder that cases involving the intentional encroachment or going upon the land […]

Encouraging Negligent Conduct Through Technology: Snapchat’s Speed Filter And Potential Liability For Encouraging Unsafe Driving

In a recent Georgia Court of Appeals decision, the Court reversed the trial court’s grant of Snapchat’s motion to dismiss an injured victim’s claims. The trial court ruled that the claims against Snapchat were subject to the immunity provisions of the Communications Decency Act (CDA). Accordingly, the trial court dismissed the injured victim’s claims. The Court of Appeals […]


A Georgia amusement park was found liable for injuries that a patron incurred as a result of an assault that occurred off park premises. The Georgia Supreme Court recently upheld a jury verdict against an Atlanta area amusement park for an assault of one of its patrons that occurred at a nearby bus stop. The Supreme Court found that responsibility in this […]

The Ante Litem Notice: A Potential Legal Pitfall for Injury Claims Against the State of Georgia

A prerequisite that has to be satisfied before a lawsuit can be filed against the State of Georgia for personal injuries due to the State’s negligence is to provide the State of Georgia written notice of the particulars of the claim within twelve months after the incident that your claim is based against the State of Georgia. The notice is referred to as an ante […]


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