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Category Archives: Trespass Cases

Category Archives: Trespass Cases

Evidence In A Nuisance And Trespass Lawsuit

The photograph in this post was one of many evidence  photographs in a previously filed and settled nuisance and trespass case where a Defendant landowner caused a subcontractor to clear cut trees from its property and pile the felled trees and other debris from the Defendant’s property onto the Rumsey and Ramsey client’s property that […]

Flooding Caused By Builders And Developers Altering The Terrain: Potential Nuisance And Trespass Claims

New Building And Development Activities Causing Storm Water Flooding On Adjacent Properties As new building developments in suburban and rural areas become more prevalent, the chances of property owners and their properties near to these developments being adversely affected in one way or another by the development activities increases as well. A not so usual […]

Trespass And Punitive Damages: Landowners And Their Often Overlooked Rights

In a most recent Georgia Court of Appeals ruling involving land, the Court ruled that trespass is an intentional act that will authorize the award of attorneys’ fees and punitive damages against the wrongdoer. Although this ruling relied on established case law, it is a current reminder that cases involving the intentional encroachment or going upon the land […]