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Austin L. Ramsey III

Austin Ramsey’s law practice consists mainly of representing victims in personal injury cases and property damage cases. Austin has also represented individuals and companies who sustained damages in other types of legal cases.  For example, Austin was lead counsel representing Fulton County retirees in a Federal class action lawsuit against Fulton County for its failure to maintain constitutionally protected health insurance benefits. That case, although successfully concluded more than twenty years ago with a seven figure settlement and injunctive relief, still provides health insurance protections for Fulton County retirees as of 2024.

Most recently in 2023, Austin obtained a confidential settlement against a metropolitan Atlanta County for an individual whose property was damaged as a result of the County’s failure to maintain the storm water drainage system. Also in 2023, Austin obtained two more confidential settlements for homeowners whose properties were damaged by storm water flooding as a result of the grade of the adjoining properties being altered to the detriment of Austin’s clients.

In 2021, Austin obtained a judgment for $158,700, which included $50,000 in punitive damages, for a client who was swindled by his CPA in a fraudulent real estate investment scheme. Austin also obtained another settlement of $158,000 for a woman who was knocked down by two men who began fighting inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium as fans were exiting the game after the conclusion of the college football national championship game.

In 2016-2018, Austin successfully settled lawsuits he had filed on behalf of landowners whose properties that were adjacent to railroad tracks were damaged by a railroad subcontractor performing railroad right of way clearing operations. The landowners’ claims against the railroad and railroad subcontractor included claims for negligence, nuisance, trespass, interference with enjoyment of property, and diversion and obstruction of watercourses. Damages in the cases were so extensive that drones and a plane were utilized by Austin to capture video and photo evidence of the piles of debris left on landowners properties along the railroad right of way as a result of the right of way clearing operations.

In  2015, Austin successfully resolved with a confidential settlement a medical malpractice lawsuit he filed against a doctor and hospital for severely burning a patient during  childbirth.

Mr. Ramsey also represented the family of a freshman student shot to death at a local university, which resulted in a confidential settlement against the local university. The claims in that case were for inadequate security. In the area of property damage, Austin represented the interests of the Weather Channel and its insurer in a case he filed against a fire sprinkler company that damaged its broadcast equipment at the Weather Channel facilities. That case was successfully concluded with a six figure settlement.

In the area of wrongful death,  Austin successfully resolved a case against a major corporation with a confidential settlement for a family of a man killed by an intoxicated employee leaving a company event. Mr. Ramsey has handled numerous other types of cases on the Plaintiffs side over the years that have provided challenging legal issues. Mr. Ramsey has handled the defense of persons and corporations over the years in a minority of his cases. Austin began his legal career handling criminal cases. Ten of those were murder cases, of which two were tried to a jury successfully. Mr. Ramsey is in his 36th year of practice.

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