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Category Archives: Wills and Probate

Category Archives: Wills and Probate

Bank Accounts, And Beneficiary Designations- A Tool To Avoid Probate

It is important to remember that time and expense can be saved regarding passing on to your heirs or loved ones bank accounts, savings accounts, brokerage accounts, and other similar accounts by filling out the beneficiary designation at the time the account is opened. This is a form provided by your bank or brokerage firm […]

I have a family member who was a Georgia resident that recently died without a will. Do their assets go to the State of Georgia?

In Georgia, if no person comes forward and claims to be an heir within four years after a legal proceeding has commenced to determine the existence of heirs of a decedent who dies wthout a will, then the decedent’s property can escheat to the State of Georgia. Escheat means revert to the state. Who is considered an […]