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Can you provide an update on the fungal meningitis cases that were…

Can you provide an update on the fungal meningitis cases that were caused by tainted steroid shots for pain?

The company that has been targeted for producing and distributing the tainted steroid shots is New England Compounding Company of Framingham, Massachusetts. Lawsuits are now being filed against the company as a result of some of the tainted steroid shots that originated from its facilities. Apparently, the steroid shots are being administered in various states by doctors and clinics that obtained them from the company for alleviating pain and or other possible medical needs of patients. These tainted steroid shots have then in some cases resulted in fungal meningitis, an infection of the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. If you ae not feeling well after receiving a steroid shot, consult your doctor. Please contact Rumsey & Ramsey at (770) 394-9400 to discuss the facts of your case with a lawyer.


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