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Tag Archives: Accident Attorney Atlanta

Tag Archives: Accident Attorney Atlanta

The Ante Litem Notice: A Potential Legal Pitfall for Injury Claims Against the State of Georgia

A prerequisite that has to be satisfied before a lawsuit can be filed against the State of Georgia for personal injuries due to the State’s negligence is to provide the State of Georgia written notice of the particulars of the claim within twelve months after the incident that your claim is based against the State of Georgia. The notice is referred to as an ante […]

A Potential Legal Pitfall: Personal injury claims against Georgia counties must be presented in writing to the county within 12 months after the injury date.

A recent Georgia Court of Appeals ruling made it clear that persons with potential personal injury claims against a county in the State of Georgia must present their claims in writing to the county in the manner prescribed by law within 12 months of the injury date. The statute of limitations or time limit for personal injury lawsuits in Georgia, […]

Is there any insurance that may cover injuries to a pedestrian hit by a car that leaves the scene of the accident?

Yes. The pedestrian’s automobile policy may provide coverage under the uninsured motorist provisions of the policy. Please read the policy and comply with the terms of the policy concerning reporting the incident to your insurance company. Short reporting time periods may be applicable.  Please contact Rumsey & Ramsey at (770) 394-9400 to discuss your case with an attorney.

In Georgia, can a person sue a Georgia county or city for personal injuries as the result of improper medical care while in their jail?

Yes. Failure to provide proper medical care to a prisoner while he/she is in the custody of a Georgia city, a Georgia county, or the State of Georgia, can result in a personal injury lawsuit for damages against the responsible governmental entity that has custody of the prisoner. In such cases, the city, county, and state do not have immunity protecting them from a lawsuit.  Please contact Rumsey […]

$2,640,000 slip and fall personal injury verdict for Georgia woman injured at Kroger upheld by Georgia Court of Appeals.

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently affirmed the judgment on a jury’s verdict in favor of a woman who sustained injuries at a Kroger in Fayetteville, Georgia while she was shopping. The $2,640,000 personal injury verdict was awarded to a woman who was severely injured when she slipped and fell on a clear liquid substance in front of a floral display case as she was […]

$1,360,000 Judgment awarded to Georgia Tech student injured while riding on sideboard of Georgia Tech Ramblin Reck Model A.

The Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed a judgment awarding $1,360,000 to a Georgia Tech student injured while he was riding on the sideboard of the Georgia Tech mascot car known as the Ramblin Reck. The student was injured when the inside handle he was holding as he was riding on the outside running board of the car separated from the […]

Can a city in Georgia be sued for personal injuries, wrongful death, or property damage due to negligence?

Yes, in certain circumstances. However, a prerequisite that has to be satisfied before a suit can be filed against a municipality or city in Georgia is to provide the city written notice of the particulars of the claim within six months after the incident that your claim is based against the city. The notice is referred to as an ante […]

I am a Georgia resident and was in a car accident and injured. Who should I submit my medical bills to for payment?

I would submit your medical bills to your health insurance provider. If you do not have health insurance, read your automobile insurance policy to see if their is medical payments coverage. If there is medical payments coverage under your automobile policy, then submit your medical bills to your automobile insurance carrier. If you were not the at […]

Can you provide an update on the fungal meningitis cases that were caused by tainted steroid shots for pain?

The company that has been targeted for producing and distributing the tainted steroid shots is New England Compounding Company of Framingham, Massachusetts. Lawsuits are now being filed against the company as a result of some of the tainted steroid shots that originated from its facilities. Apparently, the steroid shots are being administered in various states by […]

I was injured in a car accident where the other driver was at fault and had no insurance. Am I out of luck as far as being compensated for my injuries?

Yes, you be may out of luck. However, please review your own automobile insurance policy. If you have uninsured motorists insurance coverage (UM coverage), then you may have an avenue for recovery of compensation for your injuries. UM coverage, which is a type of coverage within certain automobile insurance policies, provides coverage for the insured where the insured has been […]


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