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Tag Archives: Probate Attorney Atlanta

Tag Archives: Probate Attorney Atlanta

Warning: Always read the legal documents you are asked to sign.

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently ruled that siblings claims against a brother for the latter having fraudulently induced the siblings to sign a deed conveying their interest in a property  to him were barred by the 7 year statute of limitation. The siblings were only given the signature page of what they believed to be an easement, which was in […]

I have a family member who was a Georgia resident that recently died without a will. Do their assets go to the State of Georgia?

In Georgia, if no person comes forward and claims to be an heir within four years after a legal proceeding has commenced to determine the existence of heirs of a decedent who dies wthout a will, then the decedent’s property can escheat to the State of Georgia. Escheat means revert to the state. Who is considered an […]


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