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Tag Archives: Medical Malpractice Lawyer Atlanta

Tag Archives: Medical Malpractice Lawyer Atlanta

In Georgia, can a person sue a Georgia county or city for personal injuries as the result of improper medical care while in their jail?

Yes. Failure to provide proper medical care to a prisoner while he/she is in the custody of a Georgia city, a Georgia county, or the State of Georgia, can result in a personal injury lawsuit for damages against the responsible governmental entity that has custody of the prisoner. In such cases, the city, county, and state do not have immunity protecting them from a lawsuit.  Please contact Rumsey […]

Georgia court holds medical doctors liable for a patients suicide that was caused by unbearable pain from a botched medical procedure.

The Georgia Court of Appeals in a recent decision upheld a jury’s wrongful death verdict against certain medical doctors and their medical clinic for treatment that began with a botched injection into the knee of a 86 year old patient that resulted in an infection and unbearable pain that led her to jump to her death from her 14th […]


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