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Author Archives: Anthony Licatesi

Author Archives: Anthony Licatesi

Individuals and Small Business Owners: Has Your Insurance Co. Denied That You Had Coverage?

In a recent Georgia Court of Appeals case, the Court ruled that an insured husband and wife sole proprietorship trucking company, who relied on their insurance agency expertise for the amount and type of insurance coverages procured for their trucking business risks, could proceed with their claims against their insurance agency to cover uninsured losses that they believed were covered by  insurance.  The Court stated that […]

A Thank You

Thank you Austin and Ron for the work that you did for my wife on her medical malpractice case. Your ability to educate us about the legal issues in the case made the legal system seem less intimidating. Your genuine concern for her medical recovery and her legal case were demonstrated by your regular contact […]

Judgment Obtained Against Former Employee of Atlanta Union Mission

Rumsey & Ramsey obtained a judgment for $141,489.35 against a former employee of Atlanta Union Mission who used the credit of  Atlanta Union Mission to obtain equipment and material that were not used in the business of Atlanta Union Mission.  The Atlanta Union Mission accounting department investigation that uncovered the wrongdoing was triggered by an unusually large number of purchases of HVAC units and Freon […]

A Potential Legal Pitfall: Personal injury claims against Georgia counties must be presented in writing to the county within 12 months after the injury date.

A recent Georgia Court of Appeals ruling made it clear that persons with potential personal injury claims against a county in the State of Georgia must present their claims in writing to the county in the manner prescribed by law within 12 months of the injury date. The statute of limitations or time limit for personal injury lawsuits in Georgia, […]

Businesses Beware: Vendor Agreements with Arbitration Clauses, Liquidated Damages and Attorneys’ Fees Provisions

Please be sure to read the fine print of a vendor or supplier agreement your are asked to sign on behalf of your business before you can receive products or services from a vendor. Oftentimes, the need for the vendor’s products or services is immediate and business managers do not read the fine print of agreements presented to them by vendors and suppliers. These agreements govern the business-vendor […]

Warning: Always read the legal documents you are asked to sign.

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently ruled that siblings claims against a brother for the latter having fraudulently induced the siblings to sign a deed conveying their interest in a property  to him were barred by the 7 year statute of limitation. The siblings were only given the signature page of what they believed to be an easement, which was in […]

Is there any insurance that may cover injuries to a pedestrian hit by a car that leaves the scene of the accident?

Yes. The pedestrian’s automobile policy may provide coverage under the uninsured motorist provisions of the policy. Please read the policy and comply with the terms of the policy concerning reporting the incident to your insurance company. Short reporting time periods may be applicable.  Please contact Rumsey & Ramsey at (770) 394-9400 to discuss your case with an attorney.

Georgia Court of Appeals affirms trial court judgment for Georgia woman on breach of promise to marry and fraud claims against live in boyfriend.

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently affirmed  a Georgia trial court ruling in favor of a Georgia woman on her breach of promise to marry and fraud claims brought against her live in boyfriend. The Court of Appeals essentially agreed with the trial court on all issues involving a Georgia woman’s claims against her live in boyfriend […]

Georgia Court of Appeals rules that trial court erroneously denied motorist’s motion to suppress evidence found in his car.

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently ruled that a Georgia trial court erred in denying a motorist’s motion to suppress evidence of illegal drugs that police found in his car after they stopped him for not having a current registration decal visible on his car tag. The police, after stopping the motorist for not having a current registration decal visible on […]

In Georgia, can a person sue a Georgia county or city for personal injuries as the result of improper medical care while in their jail?

Yes. Failure to provide proper medical care to a prisoner while he/she is in the custody of a Georgia city, a Georgia county, or the State of Georgia, can result in a personal injury lawsuit for damages against the responsible governmental entity that has custody of the prisoner. In such cases, the city, county, and state do not have immunity protecting them from a lawsuit.  Please contact Rumsey […]


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